Monday, August 02, 2004

Birthday Blogging 

Well, I turned 26 today. My little sister called me all the way from Australia, which was a very nice surprise.

Took a hiatus for the weekend...just not much to say, I guess. And Guth was movings across town, so it makes sense that he didn't post anything. Got a couple of things I want to post on that I read today--I'll try to get to it before work tomorrow. First is a gut-wrenching article in Rolling Stone, based, I think, on the "secret" annexes to the Taguba Report. If the descriptions of Abu Ghraib in that article don't convince you that this is really the only issue that matters, you have no shame.

On a lighter note, the other thing I want write about is Mort Zuckerman's latest attempt to definitively prove that, yes, if you own the magazine, you can regurgitate pure shit and still put it in the prime inside-back-cover slot. Unbelievably terrible claptrap.

Oh, one more thing: a friend recommended this new "Modest Mouse" CD that's been getting a lot of word-of-mouth these days. I've listened to it one and a half times, and, overall, seems pretty damn good. Not comfortable making a full-on G&G endorsement yet (with great power comes great responsibility, after all!), but so far, I'm impressed.
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