Saturday, August 28, 2004

G&G Reviews Steve Earle 

Steve Earle has a new album out, and a new blog. Find "The Revolution Starts Now" here. Read the four-star Rolling Stone review here.

It is a very good album, and much more political than the (pretty damn political) "Jerusalem." There are some fantastic songs on this album, including the title track and "Rich Man's War." However, I find many of the songs to be structurally (that is, musically) very similar to some of the songs on Jerusalem. Earle makes up for this shortcoming with potent lyrics and emotion.

Another oddity of this album, which was recorded at breakneck speed after the Abu Ghraib scandal broke, ("All but two of these songs were recorded within 24 hours of the first line hitting the paper," Earle writes in the liner notes.) is that the strongest songs are, in many ways, the two love songs, especially "Comin' Around," a duet with Emmylou Harris. It's funny, because I thought the best song on Jerusalem, after "John Walker's Blues" was the duet "I Remember You."

Oh, and no review of this album would be complete without, as a code, writing out the chorus to "F the CC:"
Fuck the FCC
Fuck the FBI
Fuck the CIA
Livin' in the motherfucking' USA
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