Saturday, August 21, 2004


I'm finally going to watch "Outfoxed" this evening with some friends. To make it a bit more lively, we're going to make a drinking game out of it. I was sure that if I googled "outfoxed drinking game", something would come up. Alas, no. So, we're making up our own rules. Seeing as we haven't seen it yet, we're not sure if it will work. I'll let you know tomorrow. Here's what we have:
  1. Drink whenever Bill O'Reilly says "shut-up."
  2. Drink whenever Bill O'R accuses someone of "dodging" the factor or of otherwise being afraid of the factor.
  3. Drink whenever Bill O'reilly claims that he is non-partisan.
  4. Drink when Sean Hannity questions someone's patriotism
  5. Drink when Sean Hannity says something demonstrably false
  6. Drink then Brit Hume editorializes a straight news piece.
  7. Drink whenever Walter Cronkite is on the screen.
Now is when I wish there was wider readership of this site, because then I could solicit for other ideas. But, well, we're stuck with these for now.

UPDATE: Rule 8: Whenever Neil Cavuto comes on screen, do something crazy

UPDATE 2: Clearly, rule number one will be our downfall. That was a tough three minutes there
UPDATE 3: If you want to get really, really drunk, you should drink every time someone says "some people say." Luckily, we don't have that rule.

UPDATE 4: This was an original rule, and I forgot to list it. Rule 9: Drink everytime Alan Colmes gets bullied. Also, drink every time you hear "fair and balanced."

FINAL UPDATE: Best rule: the Neil Cavuto crazy rule.
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