Friday, August 06, 2004

Role Reversal 

So, Guthrie's been posting like a bat out of hell, and I've been idle. Times change, I guess. Anyway, got a cousin in town visiting, and my parents come in tomorrow, so it will probably be a slow weekend, post-wise. Well, I pretty much agree with everything Guth wrote. This should be added to any "Scumbags for Truth" (TM: Digby) story. It's on the guy who "wrote" the Scumbags for Truth with Kerry-hater John O'Neill (as the aforementioned Digby has said: "John O'Neill has done nothing noteworthy in his life except oppose John Kerry. Indeed, he barely exists as a human being being except for his opposition to John Kerry.")

Anyway, this is it. Read it, and you'll get a sense of how seriously we should take Scumbags for the Truth.
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