Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Andrew Sullivan:
THE FLIP-FLOPPING NANNY: Saletan on Bush. Bush is for big government except when he's against it; he's for restraining spending, except when he's boosting it; he's for rooting out insurgents in Iraq, until he favors a more "sensitive" strategy; he's for free trade, except when he's against it; he's against stem cell research, except when he's bragging about it; he's pro states rights, unless they do things he disapproves of; he's in favor of responsibility, except when it comes to the budget; he's pro-U.N., except when he's against it; he's for church-state separation, except when it comes to federal funding. Any decent opponent would make mincemeat of Bush's wavering, straddling and inconsistent policy pronouncements. But Kerry is useless. And if he's this useless as a candidate, how good would he be as a president?
I don't agree with the final two sentences. In the current media environment, I think it would be supremely difficult for anyone to get this type of attack to stick against Bush (too much indoctrination of the "says what he means" and "strong leader" ideas re Bush). But I certainly do agree with the Bush critiques.
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