Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Bad Baseball Metaphor Watch 

On Sunday, Atrios asked if we could please be spared as Astros-Red Sox World Series, simply because he could not "handle the thought of all the pundits spewing baseball metaphors until the election...".

Now, that outcome is at least as unlikely today as Sunday (right?), but that doesn't stop Amy Sullivan, the left's own religious scold, from making a baseball metaphor at least as stupid.
THAT DOESN'T BODE WELL FOR DEMOCRATS....Reader D.S. emailed this morning to share a theory linking the two major battles between good and evil that are currently playing out on the national stage:
The Red Sox / Yankees series is a lot like the election, really. You’ve got a formidable but basically evil incumbent machine, that clearly represents big money interests and has zillions of dollars to try to buy victory, which it has been quite successful at doing ever since the mid-90s. You’ve got a challenger from Massachusetts, who fell behind early and has made a variety of missteps that hurt its/his chances. Now, in a series of highly-watched contests on national television, the challenger has managed to climb back into it, though still trailing narrowly.
This might explain the recent election pessmism of some diehard Red Sox fans I know. I say, let's focus on the good news. The Sox have some mo going into tonight's Game 6, and--as Ed Kilgore reminds us--at this point in 2000, the polls had Bush up by thirteen points, which was hardly the final tally on Election Day. Chin up.
Well, maybe the source of this idiocy is the reader D.S., but just because some moron emails you some bullshit, doesn't mean you have to post it.

Amy, stick to attacking Democrats for not embracing reactionary politico-religiosity.
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