Friday, October 29, 2004

Final Thoughts from Florida 

Guest Poster Mr. Florida Volunteer:
Kerry's coming tomorrow and I'll be at the rally. Hope it's a good turnout. Nothing looks worse than a sparsely attended event.

I've been thinking about the day at the early polling site. Lots of frustrated people who can't get absentee ballots or can't wait the 2 hours on line to vote. I wonder if this is a result of all the new registrations, a simple underestimation by the elections people, remarkable enthusiasm or if there are more sinister reasons for the lack of sites. It says something that I even have to ask the last question after the last 4 years.

At the site I was at, one of 8 in west palm beach, the vast majority of people seemed to be Kerry supporters. It was truly a circus atmosphere. The Bush people were shouting at people, chanting 4 more years, had a sound truck, and were without a doubt more obnoxious. I don't know why that is, why there's this rabid gaudy corps of Bush supporters. I can't see it making anyone undecided want to vote with those lunatics. For example, they had a veteran wearing camo and his special forces beret yelling at people and blowing a whistle - neither of the two vets in our crowd felt the need to make such a spectacle of themselves beyond holding veterans for Kerry signs. I'm obviously biased, but the people working for us were all pretty mild mannered - why is it the Bushies were so damned freaky?

Frankly I don't see these Bush folks fitting in in Nebraska or Kansas either, so I think it may just have something to do with this state just being kind of nuts. It's like the 3rd world only tackier with more strip malls and strip clubs. But something's not right.

Dropped coffee and donuts off at MoveOns office. The people there were all nice and very enthusiastic. Much younger than the regular Kerry crowd. For whatever reason it really made me happy to see them - at the risk of sounding like an old codger, it really was refreshing. I'll make one more drop to them tomorrow before I leave.

You should check out either Kos or Atrios - one of them has a flyer posted that has been passed out in minority areas in milwaukee discouraging people to vote with disinformation. Maybe even pass it on to the Voter protection folks. Sad stuff.

This shit will make you feel unbelievable warmth towards people, and then leave you cold and nauseous the next. I'm very anxious.
That flier he refers to can be found here. It's so ridiculous I bet it was planted. However, for some real voter suppression, look here. Of course, it's in Ohio. These people are scum.

Oh, and our correspondent also sent me this, so you can get a taste of how lame we lawyers are:
One thing I realized is that every day I have to restrain myself from counting how many hours I've worked. It's sad how I've become conditioned. Down with the billable hour.
Lastly, the Daily show had a wonderful montage last night starting with Bush saying that "don't jump to conclusions" line and then it had a bunch of instances where Bush did just that. I'll try to find a video link if I can.
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