Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Florida Volunteer Update 

Our intrepid correspondent files an update from Florida:
(1) Every time I leave Chicago I gain new appreciation for WXRT. Radio sucks here. Especially mornings where every station has a sophomoric not funny wacky morning team.

(2) Saw a bit of Castor-Martinez debate tonight on tv. She's going to lose. He's just simple enough and good at staying on message (even though he's a clear douchebag) and she's not very sure of herself. Also nobody at the Gore event from her campaign.

(3) Amazing how many Haitians are here. Working as waitstaff at dinner and met some at the rally. Wonder how they compare to Cubans numerically.

(4) Very attractive Danish (yes Danish) woman coordinating volunteers. Her name is Astrid - like astroid without the o.

(5) Rehnquist is a big deal. It brings front and center the frailty of the Court and certainty the next prez will choose one or more. Gore invoked it, we will hear more in the coming week.
I give him a zero percent chance of scoring with the Danish chick.
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