Sunday, October 17, 2004

I've Been Polled 

Well, I answered the phone when it said "unknown caller" for the first time since I was looking for a 0% balance transfer credit card two years ago. And, as I guessed, it was a computerized opinion poll. Unfortunately, I didn't get the company name. In any event, here are the questions they asked. I answered as you would expect me to:

  1. Right Track/Wrong Track
  2. Bush Approval (strong approve/weak app/weak dis/strong dis)
  3. Male/female
  4. age (under 18, 18-25, 26-30, 30-39, etc.)
  5. race (white/black/hispanic/asian/other)
  6. How often in do you vote in general elections?
  7. Political party affiliation (Republican/Democratic/other/independent)
  8. Who will you vote for President? (Kerry-Edwards/Bush-Cheney--no Nader option)
  9. Are you sure you'll vote for Kerry or may you change your mind?
  10. Will you vote for the Democratic or Republican candidate for Congress?
  11. Favorability towards: Kerry, Bush
  12. How closely have you been following the campaign (0-9 scale)
  13. Who's winning the war on terror? US and allies or terrorists or neither? I answered neither, because I'm not really sure how to measure (I guess I agree with Rummy on that)
  14. Who is a better leader? Bush or Kerry
  15. Do you own at $5k in stocks/mutual funds?
  16. Do you invest only in mutual funds or directly in stocks or bonds (I said only in mutual funds even though I own some individual shares of 3M, because those were gifts)
  17. Suppose Bush is reelected, will your own personal taxes go up, down or stay same? I said stay the same
  18. Suppose Kerry is elected, same question. I said go up, because I believe even though he says "$200k or more," I think that's for couples, so it's less for individuals, and I think mine will rise.
  19. If Bush is reelected, will overall level of gov't spending go up, down or stay same? I said go up, for obvious reasons.
  20. If Kerry, same question. Once again, I said go up.
  21. What do you want to happen with gov't spending?
  22. Are you very liberal, somewhat liberal, moderate, somewhat conservative or very conservative?
  23. Are America's best days in the future or past?
  24. Would you prefer a more active gov't with more services and higher taxes, or less active government with less services and fewer taxes?
  25. Should US cooperate with allies more often? This was a poorly worded question as my options were "we should do more of what allies want, or should they do what we want?" I mean, that's a stupid question.
  26. In a typical week, how often do you use internet? I mean, never at work, right?
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