Friday, October 08, 2004

My One Debate Comment 

Last time, I had only one comment. Now, I also only have one.

Bush just said, in response to what kind of justice he would appoint to SCOTUS, he wouldn't appoint someone who supported the Dred Scott decision!!!!!

well, he's got my vote!

UPDATE: Well, it seems we all were fooled. Apparently, "Dred Scott" is a code-word used by anti-abortion groups. See, these people, apparently, liken the reasoning in Roe v. Wade to the reasoning in Dred Scott. Therefore, when Bush says he's against Dred Scott, it doesn't mean he's against Dred Scott, but that he's against Roe, and the justices he picks will be the ones who will overturn Roe. What a cock out president is, huh?
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