Thursday, December 09, 2004

Celebrity Simon Says 

So, I went to the Bulls game last night. Now, I don't like the NBA, and, well, I don't even like basketball at any level very much (I have many friends who love college ball but not the pros--I don't really care about either). But, they were playing the Cavs, a team of erstwhile fandom of mine (I'm not sure that dependent clause is grammatically correct--in fact, I'm not even sure it's dependent, but I'm sure my mom can clear that up for all of us in comments), and the Cavs have this LeBron character, so I figured it was worth taking the free ticket and going.

Well, the game truly sucked. But, at halftime, they had Celebrity Simon Says, which was clearly the highlight of the night, and maybe the greatest halftime diversion ever. The NFL powers-that-be should take note before they book another halftime show with a band whose guitarist is Richie Sambora. Some participants were

  1. White Sox outfielder Aaron Rowand
  2. Bears defensive back Jerry Azumah (he of the same surgically corrected vision as yours truly)
  3. Bears DB/Punt returner R.W. McQuarters, whose hat was pulled down Mush-Mouth style so you couldn't really see him
  4. Bears WR David Terrell, who got booed like he deserved to get booed, which was both nice and funny and really mean
  5. Harold Ramis (yes, that Harold Ramis)

There were several others, including a White Sox player I've never heard of, which is a bit odd.

In any event, it was really funny, and R.W. beat out David Terrell at the end of the competition.

A couple of other race-related NBA points:

Remember, if anyone tells you that it's not about race, it probably is.

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