Wednesday, December 22, 2004


well, as many of you have suspected, we don't really have guest bloggers. I was trying to amuse myself, and was doing so successfully, until I realized that I couldn't change my "name" for each post, and that if I wanted to use alter-egos I'd have to set up entire blog-personas for each, including a real email address and blogger ID and password. That is, if I changed my "name" to, say, Drunk Santa or Kim Long-Jong Il or Cheney's Dick, it would use that name everywhere it says "by Goldberg" and when I changed my name back to "Goldberg" everything would go back to that, too. Very annoying, so I guess I'll just be posting under my real name. And I didn't watch Hero on a plane--I watched it my apartment. I was really looking forward to amusing myself this way until Calendar Year 2005 (Post-subsidized time, Year of the 248MB Toshiba Rewritable InterLace Cartridge, which narrowly beat out the Year of the $250 Billable Hour for naming rights). I was even going to post semi-regularly as "Goldberg" to regale you all with my vacationy exploits. oh well. I guess I'll just amuse myself with the leftover vicodin I have laying around.

Merry fucking Christmas, indeed.

By the way, the Cleveland Clowns are so bad they're 7-point dogs to Miami, and I'm betting on Miami to cover.
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