Sunday, December 12, 2004

The Passion of a High-Definition Tivo Unit 

I Tivo'd The Passion of the Christ off HD pay-per-view yesterday. Now, I'm not sure I'm even going to watch it. For one, I'm Jewish and in no way whatsoever believe in the divinity of Jesus. Secondly, I don't really know the story of the Gospels all that well. I mean, I've tried to watch The Last Temptation of Christ on more than one occasion, but have been unable to do so. But, I think that's a film in which the Gospel story is in the background, and you basically need the background to understand the Willem Dafoe foreground. The Passion, on the other hand, purports to tell the actual story itself, albeit with those hook-nosed Jews playing maybe a more prominent role (if that's actually what the movie does). So, maybe you don't need to go into it knowing the story, because it will, you know, tell you the story.

Anyway, if anyone (esp Guthrie) has any insight on this, I'd appreciate it. Also, if I should read one of the Gospels first, which one? And, is that particular Gospel actually interesting to read? And, is the movie so anti-Semitic I shouldn't watch it out of principle?
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