Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Well, the insurgency will get worse as we approach...the Future 

Well, with the normal proprietors in California on vacation (their plane is probably somewhere over the salt flats in Utah right now), they've been kind enough to enlist a veritable murderer's row of guest-bloggers, and I, the Drunk Santa, have the honors of the first guest post. Unfortunately, it's not a really fun post.

We've all heard of the horrific carnage that took place in Mosul the other day. At first it was reported to be a rocket and/or mortar attack, but now they're saying it was a suicide bomber who was able to just basically walk in and blow himself up. Basically, this is proof positive that the insurgency has infiltrated almost every aspect of US-Iraq cooperation--this type of attack simply could not happen without some serious and accurate intelligence and help from the inside (there are many Iraqis--civilian and proto-military--at all our bases).

But, my point is how this attack happens, and what does our government do? It just plays something off its Greatest Hits of 2003-2004: "Well, we can expect the insurgency to strengthen as X approaches." X can be "as we surround and cut-off the dead-enders" or "the June 30 handover" or "the U.S. elections" or now, the "Iraqi elections." I give you Mosul Bob--I mean Joint Chiefs Chairman General Richard Myers:

"The insurgency is going to get worse as we approach the elections," Myers said, stressing the key role that would be played increasingly by Iraqi security forces.

That's from this Reuters article. Sorry I couldn't set that out in blockquotes, but I haven't figured out this html thing yet. I'll try to figure it out as some point.

But, why should I even pretend to listen to this guy? Why do they even trot him out for these stupid soundbites? When will the media finally say, "General Myers says X, but we needn't listen to him because he always that and he's always wrong."?
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