Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Yearly Pledge Drive 

As Guth noted below, today marks our one-year anniversary. And, despite the fact that we sometimes make up words, as Guth did below (""minusucuely"???), I'm sure most of our readers appreciate our efforts. That said, and I hate to do this, the time and resources we devote to this blog are substantial. That's why, during this season of giving, we're hoping that you, our loyal readers, could find it in your hearts to give a little to Goldberg & Guthrie Enterprises, LLC, the limited liability company we've set up in Delaware to handle the business side of this blog. Below is a link through which you can donate. Later today I'll put a link on the sidebar. It'll stay up through the first week of 2005, at which time I'll take it down and we won't ask for anything but more of your tremendous comments until next year.

Thanks for reading!!

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