Sunday, January 23, 2005

Conference Championship Sunday 

Well, I am excited for today's games. Of course, as always, there is a chance both games will be blow-outs, but I hope not. I'm not sure if I have anything bright or new to add about these games, so I'll keep this short and see if anyone feels like adding their own wisdom or predictions or whatever in the comments. Philly is favored by 5 over Atlanta, which sounds about right. It's pretty clear that, however great Michael Vick's talents are--and I think they are pretty damn great--McNabb is the superior quarterback. I'd say the defenses are both equally good, but I don't see how Atlanta's terrible receiving corps will get open against Philly's secondary. And I'm less sure of Atlanta's ability to handle Westbrook. So, there's that.

In the other game, the game I think most non-Philly and non-Atlanta area fans care about more, well, no one is giving Pittsburgh a chance at home against a team they demolished earlier in the year. I, personally, maintain that you simply can't run against the Steelers D. Of course, if anyone can figure out how to, it's Belichick, right? And, and this is no wise statement, if Roethlisberger lays an egg like last week, the Steelers will not win. But, I'm rooting for them, so I hope they do. Matchup to watch--Alan Faneca against Vrabel or Bruschi (whichever he has to block when he pulls around on any given play). Of course, Plax vs. various named-for-70s-bands-DBs will also be good, if Big Ben can get the ball downfield.

My two cents.
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