Monday, January 10, 2005

The No Fun League 

I've always said that, regardless of the fact that every aspect of Vince McMahon's foray into professional football that was known as the XFL was a failure, he totally hit the nail on the head when he called (my beloved) NFL the "No-Fun League." I remember that after St. Louis did the "bob n' weave" after every touchdown, group celebrations were banned--stupidly, as I loved and still love the bob n' weave.

All this by way of introduction to my point: Did anyone else find Randy Moss's simulated mooning of the crowd as funny as I did? Sure, it was classless, but it was still funny. And he'll get fined because squares in the league office and their lackeys suck as Peter King and Joe Buck think it was some terribly criminal act.

btw, I do enjoy reading Peter King. And I also think Joe Buck is pretty good. They just need to lighten up.
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