Saturday, January 08, 2005

Playoff Football 

So, I had to go out tonight, so I knew I would miss the Chargers-Jets game. So I Tivo'd it, started it around 11pm. I had my tivo record 4 hours instead of the scheduled three, because games obviously always go over. As I was approaching the four-hours-of-recording mark, I realized it would be close. Then, the Chargers were passed midfield in OT with about 15 minutes of recorded football to go. I felt confident. They attempted the FG with about 1.5 minutes left. Once it missed, I realized I was screwed. That's why I'm online now--to find out who won.

And, for some reason, I think b/c I like Drew Brees, I was really rooting for the Chargers.

On that note, it seemed that the Chargers really didn't give the ball to Tomlinson enought. I mean, it turned out he got his touches, but they didn't run the football much at all in the second half, and even though they were behind, they had plenty of time to run. He's the best back in the league, arguably. I just didn't get that.

Frankly, I'm looking foward to next week's games more than this week. But, Denver-Indy could be good if Indy doesn't blow Denver out.
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