Sunday, January 16, 2005

This isn't Communist China 

On NFL Countdown, they were talking about Vanderjagt's stupid-ass comments about the Patriots. Clearly, he's an idiot. But, Tom Jackson, a hero to all right-thinking people, said "Vanderjagt needs a gag order, or a Code Red, or something."

A Code fucking Red? So, Tom Jackson thinks Vanderjagt should get beat with a bag of oranges by every member of the Colts? Maybe even forced to take an elephant walk with the other on-the-outs players? WTF?

But, Tom Jackson redeemed himself by saying the Greatest Quote of the Weekend. Talking about Vanderjagt's equally stupid comments from last year, either Michael Irvin or Mike Ditka (like most people, I get those two confused, so I'm not sure which one of them said it) said how Tom Jackson defended Vanderjagt last year. Tom Jackson's response: "Why did I give him a second chance? Because this is America."

Exactly. As a great man wearing great shorts once said, "This isn't Communist China."
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