Thursday, February 17, 2005

Democratic Wedge Issues 

Kevin Drum and Noam Schreiber have interesting posts on the idea that Democrats can use birth control as a wedge issue, much like Republicans use gay marraige (and "values" in general) as wedge issues. Noam adds more thoughts here.

Everyone else seems to be weighing in on this, too. Here is Digby, and here is Ed Kilgore of New Donkey.

I've read all those posts but Ed Kilgore, and I will read him. Anyway, it's a very interesting discussion, and you should read all those posts in full. I know people really hate it (and hate it to a level that always surprises me) when I link-and-run like this, but I'm too busy to weigh in right now (and coming down with what I hope is only the common cold) to write more. So, read the links, think about them, and then, hopefully tomorrow, I'm going to post on why I don't think this idea will work, even though it is supremely attractive if you're a Democrat trying to win elections.
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