Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Most Condescending Sentence Ever? 

So, some of you who follow matters blogospheric may know of the Juan Cole-Jonah Goldberg smackdown going on. Basically, Cole said how it's ridiculous J-G gets to go on CNN and pontificate about Iraq when he knows nothing about Iraq and has admitted to never reading a book on the area. Anyway, there's been a lot of great back-and-forth, and I imagine those people who think Jonah Goldberg is a smart and interesting guy think that he's winning this spat, and those who think he's a total douche think Juan Cole is winning.

In any event, go to Juan's site and you can read all about it. And I suggest you do, because it is hysterical. But, link here, a reader emailed me with the following excerpt from Professor Cole, and wonders if it is the most condescending thing ever written. It may very well be, and it's awesome:
Let us see what has been established. First, I alleged that Goldberg has never read a book about Iraq, about which he keeps fulminating. I expected him at least to lie in response, the way W. did when similarly challenged on his book-reading. I expected Goldberg to say, "That is not true! I have read Phebe Marr's book on modern Iraq from cover to cover and know all about the 1963 failed Baathist coup!" But Goldberg did not respond in this way. I conclude that I was correct, and he has never read a book on this subject.

I am saying I do not understand why CNN or NPR would hire someone to talk about Iraq policy who has not read a book on the subject under discussion. Actually, of course, it would be desirable that he had read more than one book. Books are nice. They are rectangular and soft and have information in them. They can even be consumed on airplanes. Goldberg should try one.
Awesome. And, thankfully, Jonah and I are not related.
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