Wednesday, March 02, 2005


So, do we even have a blog anymore? I'm surprised our blogger.com privileges haven't been revoked it's been so long since we've posted (notwithstanding Guthrie's MJ-reenactment post). In any event, I was out in Montana last Thursday through Monday skiing (with, among others, frequent commenter, jk), and, well, I FUCKING loved it; it was FUCKING awesome.* We were out in Big Sky, Montana, just tearing it up (although one of my buddys fell about 3-400 yards (yes, yards) down Lenin from the top of the mountain, which was pretty hairy. Actually, in the first pic below, Lenin is the run off the top face of the mountain--the face of the mountain that's on the left. In any event, here's a couple of pictures:


I'd put up some more if I knew how to make the pictures a bit smaller. Hopefully normal blogging will resume shortly--right now I just don't have much to say on either sports or politics or anything else.

*apologies to my mom and anyone who may be sensitive to such language, but if you were in Big Sky with me, you'd know why I had to write that.
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