Monday, March 14, 2005

Deadwood Blogging 

At the risk of losing this post, because blogger has been on the fritz for a few weeks now (which gives us a great, if untruthful, excuse for our paucity of posts), here's some Deadwood Blogging:

I enjoyed this episode much more than the season premier. Maybe that's just because, like reader jk, I have the hots for Calamity Jane. Doubtful, but possible. The only worry I have is that the show is getting too plot-dense and therefore in a 13-episode season there won't be enough time for the show to breathe. We shall see.

But, back to last night's episode: Gratuitous post-blowjob wipes-mouth-with-hand shots aside, I liked both the feel and the substance of this episode: Charlie and Seth discussing life at the camp, Al mentally talking things out while getting the aforementioned fellatio-related program-activity, etc. Unfortunately, I don't really have any wise analysis of any of this. Hopefully some of you may.

Oh, and on the politics front--the fact that I, a semi-literate advanced degree-holding lawyer took a total bath on mutual fund (did my taxes yesterday) in 2004 clearly means that we must privatize social security right now so everyone can gain those guaranteed returns you get when investing in equity securities.
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