Friday, March 11, 2005

Hillary Clinton 

Steve G. has some wise words about Hillary, who is now supporting a bill to curb "sex-and-violence-drenched TV shows and video games." He writes:
People are beating John Kerry stupid over at Kos for suggesting an alternative to Bush's SS bill. Now, Kerry deserved the knockdown, because he's obviously manuvering to get to the white House. If I fell 119,000 votes short, I'd run again. But because of sins imagined and real, people curse his name as a loser.

But you know, in 20 years of closely following politics, I NEVER once read a story about John Kerry working with Rick Santorum to limit free speech. Yet, like Van Cappelle, many rush to defend her trangulating ways. Hillary Clinton is selling us out, step by step, and the only reason she's a serious presidential contender is celebrity. She's supposed to be some kind of liberal, but every time you pick up the fucking paper, she's telling everyone how moderate she is. I don't hear John Kerry talking about how the Iraqi elections are great or how we need to find middle ground on abortion, and I certainly don't hear that from Howard Dean.

Chuchk Schumer, he can say what he wants. His job is to get pork for NY. Simple as that. But we elected Hillary Clinton to have some kind of conscience. Yet, Kerry, who has been consistent, if not as aggressive as some people would have liked, is supposedly being tossed aside for Clinton, who acts like it's 1996 and Al From has something useful to say.

I live in New York, and I'm growing increasingly frustrated with her stands on issues.

At least with John Kerry, he stayed awake during his Con Law classes at BC. Hillary seems to have missed that entire bit of course work.

Alan, Rick Santorum is a bigot. He hates gays and god knows what he would do if he could do something about them. He doesn't need education, he needs a trip to private life. Lierberman? Well, the NRO supports him.

Study the effect on violent video games on kids for what purpose? To ultimately censor them? Why would Clinton tie herself to this kind of noxious legislation. But her fan club keeps cheering her on. Pretending she isn't moving to screw them in plain sight. Brownback and Santorum are theocrats. Simple as that. Anything they support is poison.

Yet, Hillary, delusionally, thinks she can actually run for President. The people who hate her, hate her with a passion, toss in sexism, and her campaign will flame out unless things change. What is going to lose her support is a relentless quest to make deals with the right to be seen as a moderate. facts don't matter to these people, only the lies they tell and get others to believe. Making nice with Santorum doesn't make you a moderate. It makes you a sucker.
Yeah, I know people hate it when I cut-n-paste, but, there you go.
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