Friday, April 15, 2005

Blegging, etc. 

I feel this may be another all-over-the-place post, but what the hell. First, a little blegging: I've been trying to find an easy way to trade files with friends. Frequent commenter cjb suggested to me that I try eDonkey, which apparently was created or is owned (or something) by a friend of his. Well, I downloaded it, and I don't know if my wireless router puts up a firewall or what, but it didn't seem to work, and it was certainly anything but easy for my friend to find my files. So, does anyone know of any easy program for this? I just want to be able to find all the files my friends have, and vice versa. In 2005, what with our modern ideas...and products, this should not be difficult. I was just sending files via gmail, but there's a 10MB limit on file transfers, and a lot of my music is in Apple Lossless, where each song is about 30MB. So, I can convert those songs to AAC or MP3 and send them, but that is annoying as hell.

Secondly, I've decided to post the most first 10 songs my ipod played on shuffle mode at work this morning. It seems to be all the rage, so here's my list. Of course, you can't argue with the Gods Of Random Play Mode, so if some of these songs suck, it's not my fault (Although I have said, in the past, that I stand behind each and every song on my ipod. I'm not sure if that's true anymore.)

  1. Rambling Gambling Man--Bob Seger
  2. There's a Heartache Following Me--Pete Townshend
  3. No Lonesome Tune--Townes Van Zandt
  4. Honky Tonkin'--Townes Van Zandt (how the hell do you get two songs from the same album in a row when you're on shuffle mode?)
  5. Werewolves of London--Grateful Dead cover of the Zevon classic (it's only ok)
  6. I Was Born--The Magnetic Fields (not one of their best, but the opening line: "I was born/I hate this part/Being someone new" is pretty great)
  7. Black Messiah (Single Remix)--the Kinks (from their later "arena rock" period, but this is a great song)
  8. Young and Beautiful--Martin Sexton (no, this song wasn't written about me, as I'm sure you were thinking)
  9. Fidelio--Beethoven--Act I: O War Ich Schon Mit Der Vereint (little change of pace here, I guess. This is a pretty damn great aria, though. Oh, and also, opera kind of suffers more than rock when compressed to AAC--I really should get this in a lossless format, or better yet, an SACD format for my home stereo. But I digress)
  10. Atlantic City--Bruce Springsteen (what a way to round out the ten!)

Third, what's going on politically? Well, the City of Chicago and the State of Illinois are having a pissing match over CTA funds. There is a $55 million shortfall, and the city says it will have to severely cut service in July without an infusion of state money. The Blagorgeous One wants to pay for the shortfall with a dedicated software tax (or something like that), but the General Assembly is balking . I'm not sure what where the solution lies, outside of getting funds from the feds (which, I think, ain't gonna happen). Hopefully someone will blink before July 17.

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