Wednesday, April 13, 2005

DeLay's New Defense 

The General gets an email:
DeLay's Wu Room
Praise the Lord. Tom DeLay is putting together a war room to fight the demonic forces who are trying to destroy him. It's going to be a formidable operation. The Hammer recruited some of the most vicious political operators around to run it. Chief among them is Mr. Wu, former boss of Deadwood's Celestial District, who DeLay tapped to run his shop.

The General received a GOP Team Leader email from Mr. Wu, today. It outlines his strategy for dealing with DeLay's Enemies:
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2005 13:21:04 -0700
From: Mr. Wu
To: GOP Team Leaders
Subject: Lefty Cocksucka!

Hamma, Hamma... Lefty cocksucka! Shays cocksucka! Hamma... Shays cocksuka. Senator Dogman Pennsylvania cocksucka! Cocksucka Dogman... Hamma... Pennsylvania cocksucka!

Judges cocksucka... Culture Life... judge cocksucka! Hamma, Hamma, judicial branch cocksucka!


Mr. Wu
posted by Gen. JC Christian, Patriot | 12:37 AM
Click the link to see the picture of DeLay with his new major-domo.
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