Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Draft Thread II--Guest Poster 

Commenter cjb has provided his breakdown of the Lions' draft picks:
So, this is the year for Matt Millen. He’s had a lot of draft picks now, and has yet to produce a winning season. In fact, I don’t remember a winning record at any point in his tenure until our 3-0 start last year.
Now, I’m out on the west coast and have gotten to watch a lot of our draft picks in 2005 play. We picked Mike Williams in the first round. I guess that is OK – when a playmaker like that slips to you I suppose you have to take him. He’s not the fastest, but he has been working out with Cris Carter for a year now, and Cris Carter wasn’t the fastest either. Mike plus Roy plus Charlie Rogers (if he is ever healthy) should be a great receiving trio. All first rounders. Which makes you wonder why we really wanted to draft a first-round receiver again. If it means that we can’t trust Charlie, this is a bad sign. I kind of wanted Derrick Johnson in that spot, but oh well.

Our second pick was another USC guy, a DT named Cody who is damn good. That was a really good pick. But I almost fell off my chair with our third pick – Stanley Wilson of Stanford. Now this guy bites on fakes, doesn’t hit hard, and blows the occasional coverage. I know, because I watched just about every game he played this season. The only saving grace here is that Stanford got six players picked in the draft despite having an awful team. I wonder if maybe all of these players played below their potential due to bad coaching. (I was surprised by most of the Stanford players chosen, with the exception of TE Alex Smith, who was an absolute steal by the Buccaneers in Round 3).

We traded some future picks for the opportunity to grab Dan Orlovsky, UConn QB. I saw this guy play a bowl game this year, and he was alright. 3rd stringer. This would make him good future trade bait, except that I don’t know that Jeff Garcia will be much of a tutor. (I could write more about Garcia, but I’ll save that for Goldberg). And I don’t think Joey Harrington is ready to tutor anyone yet. [Uh, understatement of the year--Goldberg]

As far as I’m concerned, our best pick was Dan Swancutt of Oregon State. 6th round. He was the Pac-10 defensive player of the year! It will be interesting to see how that translates into the pros, but my guess is that he’ll be a solid pro on the D-line.

The Lions should have skill. I read the other day that only 5 players under contract were not Millen pickups via free agency or the draft. I can’t handle another losing season. Please win, Lions.
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