Monday, April 04, 2005

More Sports Blogging--NCAA Finals Edition 

Illinois just called timeout with 10:46 left, and UNC is up by 60-55. Illinois clearly is making it a game in this second half.

But that's not my point. I don't really care for basketball, at least relative to other sports, but I don't hate it or anything. As such, I don't really think my opinions really matter, and, in fact, I rarely have opinions re basketball other than "eh, I don't like it that much."

But, and here's my point: There should not be a 3-point shot in college basketball, at least not as close as the line is now. It's just too close and too easy. Means that a team can score too much too fast, and, more importantly, makes the inside game less important (and yes, I realize UNC is winning this game so far b/c of it's inside game--the fact Illinois came within two early in the second half actually proves my point in that regard).

ok, game's back on. later.
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