Monday, April 25, 2005

NFL Draft Thread 

By popular demand, here is an NFL Draft thread. This was the first draft in years that I didn't watch--and the first in even more years that I didn't even follow or read about. I caught the crawl on EPSN telling me that the Browns selected Braylon Edwards with their #3 pick. And, today, I quickly looked at their other picks. They seem ok, I guess--hard to know what one draft will do when (a) your as bad a team as the Browns were last year, and (b) you had as many internal changes as the Browns had this off-season. So, I am not going to deign to grade the Browns draft picks, as it would be an exercise in ignorance. But, hopefully we'll get a thread going here on the draft in general. And, maybe Guth will add an "UPDATE" with some words on the Bengals.

And, cjb, email me and I'll post your thoughts on Detroit, or such put said thoughts in the comments.
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