Monday, April 11, 2005

Weekend Update 

Just a little update...had dinner on Saturday night at Meritage in Bucktown. I highly recommend it--everything we ordered was fantastic. Also, I scored 2 primo seats for the Springsteen show in Rosemont, Illinois on May 11. So, to steal a line from Milhouse, "Everything is coming up Goldberg."

Of course, the rest of this week I will be at the "printer" for work--the bane of any junior associate's existence, so I won't have much internet access. Of course, I hardly post even when I do have internet access, so the difference you all will see will be negligible.

That said, how about giving ourselves a round of applause for the bona fide troll we got in that comments section to my Pope post? As RD said, it must mean we've arrived.

UPDATE: Here's some info from Rollingstone.com that I found on Bruce Springsteen's website:
The tour - which hits venues as large as 5,000-seaters - will focus on the new album, along with material from Joad and 1982's Nebraska, and stripped-down takes on songs from The Rising. "It's not about acoustic versions of my hits - that's what's not going to happen," says Springsteen, who will also perform on an April 23rd episode of VH1's Storytellers. "I want to forewarn potential ticket buyers: I'm not going to be playing an acoustic version of 'Thunder Road.'"
Hmm...should be interesting. I'd like him to throw in a "The Promised Land" here or a "For You" there, but it should still be good. I better familiarize myself with Tom Joad before the concert, though.
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