Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Will you two non-Catholics please stop Pope-blogging? 

Sadly, No!. And, anyway, my mom was once Catholic. (But didn't she leave and, you know convert to Judaism? Uh, yes, but anyway....) In any event, I've been emailing a bit with friend of mine (another Jew), and he wrote this in response to my email (which basically was a regurgitation of the Maxspeak post I mentioned in the comments section below and can be found here):
what bothers me is that everyone seems to be missing (or at least avoiding that very point). I don't expect the Catholic Church to 1) overturn its view on contraception, an action that would dramatically curtail the African AIDS crisis 2) recognize homosexual marriages 3)own up to sex abuse among its clergy 4) fight for equality for women, 5) change the official stance on abortion, etc. I don't care how "progressive" your Pope is, these simply aren't realistic wishes. (unless, as my girlfriend suggests, we get Howard Dean into the vatican). All i ask of rome is that they NOT pick a nazi. And you hit the nail on the head when you said that this isn't just some guy on the street in hamburg. I think Howard Stern, of all people, put it best (paraphrasing) when he suggested that ratzinger's failure to stand up in the face of evil could not be pardoned, because isn't that what the church is supposed to be about? Don't they make people saints when they are persecuted for their commitment to strangers in need. Isn't the whole basis of their religion that selfless, supposedly miraculous acts of Jesus Christ? I'm not talking about turning water into wine or even touching lepers--Ratzinger wasn't even all-city when it came to helping the Jews. That's probably why he actually spent time in an allied POW camp (documented in his official papal biography) when we (finally) got there.

Seriously, do you know anything about this "congregation for the doctrine of the faith" that he has been in charge of for 23 years? do you know what that is? Look it up in the encyclopedia:

It's the "new" (since 1908) name for the fucking INQUISITION.
These aren't bad points. I'm not sure to what extent I endorse them, though. Also, I would say that his points (1), (3) and (4) actually could be taken up by the Vatican from a doctrinal standpoint (but a theologian--esp. of the Catholic variety--I am not), so I don't think those count as "too much to ask for." Just ask Andrew Sullivan.
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