Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Accountability is for Suckers! 

This is something I just wrote in an email to some friends, so it's probably even less polished than most my posts, but anyway...

something i've noticed with Katrina and with Iraq re Bush and his supporters. It seems there's simply to rubric set up to measure success or failure, and therefore no matter how bad things get, Bush supporters claim that what is happening is in no way a failure. Unfortunately, some blame for this regarding Iraq lies with Democrats, who should have forced the administration to say, "what scenario, 2+ years from today, would constitute a failure of the administration's plans?" I think, ex ante, most would agree that what has happed would and should be considered a failure. But, since no one laid this out, we've seen 2+ years of moving goalposts--to the point that now, neocons on the WaPo editorial board claim that an outcome like Lebanon in the past 20 years wouldn't even be a failure.

The same is happening here. Thousands dead because no water and other supplies? Oh, that's not a failure. FEMA taking days to even realize the extent of the situation when newspapers were reporting it right away? oh, that's not failure. Unless these people are nailed down, ex ante, to admit what in an ex post world should consititute failure, they will never admit failure.

To be fair, though, even if this were nailed down, they'd make more excuses.
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