Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Pro-Christmas Forces Prepare for Final Stand 

Yesterday, we brought you the news that anti-Christmas forces were amassing outside Manhattan, in New Jersey and the Outer Boroughs. This morning, listening to NPR as artillery shells bearing the words "Holiday Greetings" were being lobbed into Central Park, we learned where the Pro-Christmas forces (freedom fighters? insurgents? who knows?) will stage their final redoubt. Heavily fortified Rockefeller Center, known as the Red-and-Green Zone, will be the site of a massive show of force tonight by Pro-Christmas partisans. As you can see in the linked article, liberal media charter member NBC has done an abrupt about-face, using the words "Christmas" and "Christmas Tree" with impugnity, lest the terrorists win. Harry Connick, Jr., Regis Philbin, and Brian Wilson will be among those present in defiance of the secularists.

Military experts say it is unclear if the defense fortifications, running along the outside of the Plaza, will hold through the end of the festivities.

God Bless, and God Speed.
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