Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Again, whose fault is the strike? 

The TWU says that the pension issue, the one the MTA changed at the last minute, is the issue:
NEW YORK (Reuters) - The union that called New York's crippling transit strike said on Wednesday that if transit authorities take back a contentious proposal on pensions, that could resolve the strike.

"If the pension demands ... come off the table, that would go a long way to us resuming the negotiations and resolving the strike," Transport Workers Union Local 100 head Roger Toussaint said in a news conference, adding that he was in discussions with state mediators aiming to end the stalemate in talks.
Again, upping the pension contribution to 6% saves the MTA all of $20 million (much less than the state and city is paying in strike-contingency costs such as NYPD overtime) while it amounts to a 4% pay cut for workers.

*This post has been altered after the Riz pointed out an embarrassing grammatical.
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