Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Labor Market Trends 

Most the people against the TWU strike state their complaints something like this: I pay x for health care, I get a y% raise, I don't have a pension, and therefore the transit workers shouldn't get any more than me.

The thing about this is that it shows how much employers in this country have destroyed worker expectations. Instead of thinking "the transit workers get good healthcare, so should I", they think "I get shitty healthcare, so should the transit workers." Employers have fundamentally changed the dynamic in this country, I think, to a point where employment really is a race-to-the-bottom in terms of pay and benefits. As Daniel Gross says, it's Cramdown Nation, get used to it.

Another issue worth pointing out is that study after study has shown that having unions actually raises non-union wages, but putting general upward pressure on all wages.
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