Monday, December 26, 2005


This might be the strangest color commentary moment I've ever heard:
Al Michaels: Bollinger, he and his wife are going to have their first child in May, and, John, they didn't want to know what the sex was gonna be until Christmas day, so they had the doctor put it in an envelope and they opened it up yesterday, and it'll be a boy
Huh. That's nice. A nice little anecdote about Brooks Bollinger. A nice story that Al Michaels could relate to us during the game. Nothing weird or untoward about that. But, immediately after that, here's John Madden's response:
That was the thing...you know, they didn't know, "Should we find out? should we not find out? Let's just wait and open it on Christmas" and they opened it yesterday morning.
Wha? Huh? Fleh? Madden just repeated the exact same thing Al Michaels told us, but in his "talkin' 'bout a big ole' lineman voice. You know what voice I'm talking about. Madden talked about it as if it's a "thing." "Yeah, that's just the old wait and open the envelope with the sex of your unborn child on Christmas day thing." Again, huh? And he just exactly repeated what Al Michaels said.

Well, I thought it was weird.
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