Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas... 

...and Happy Hannukah! All I want for Christmas is Guthrie to post!

So, I went to see Munich today. It was very, very good. Hard to know where it ranks in the Spielberg pantheon--probably better than Minority Report (only because the ending of that film was so bad), almost as good as AI** and Jurassaic Park, if not as good as those, and not as good as Schindler's List, Jaws, or Raiders.*

Bonus First Night of Hannukah Football Blogging--when can we say that Bret Farve has started to suck? Tonight? Last year? 2001?

*As you probably can tell, I don't differentiate between Spielberg's so-called popcorn fare and is "more serious" works--they're all films, and can all be compared against one another.

**A great movie with maybe the best, most natural use of special effects ever. If you are one of the multitude who thinks this movie sucks, watch it again. Also, if you think it's just a sad attempt of Spielberg doing Kubrick, well, you're right, but it's really exactly how such a project should look.
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