Monday, January 09, 2006

Football Blogging 

Just some quick blogging before I head over to barbri (yes, it sucks as much or more the second time around, btw [and no, I never failed a bar exam--I'm taking it in a new state]). First and foremost, let's sympathize with Guthrie and also hope that Carson Palmer is healthy for the 2006 opener. His getting injured was certainly no fun to watch and took away greatly from the game.

Other thoughts on that game: Should or should not, especially in the second half playing with a lead, Jerome Bettis be Pittsburgh's feature back in these playoffs? I say yes. I also say it's fairly unlikely they'll get the kind of grind-the-clock game where that can happen with the Colts, so who knows. That said, I don't count the Steelers out of that game.

New England vs. Denver certainly looks on paper to be the game of next week. I think I may have some social engagements Friday night--I just hope wherever I have to go will have a TV. I haven't seen Denver play in a long time, but I do recall thinking that they were the real deal at the time. Then again, if anyone can make Jake Plummer revert to being Jake Plummer before he acquired the Mustache of Football Understanding, it's Bill Belichick. That game may or may not depend on what Corey Dillon can do (because, whenever you think NE needs to run to win, they win without running). Also, back to Jake Plummer: mustachioed or not, it's Plummer vs. Tom Brady.

NFC games: I think Carolina has a great shot against Chicago; Washington, not so much. Maybe if Moss runs back a punt or something.
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