Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hamell on Trial 

I believe I've posted on Hamell on Trial in the past, although I'm to lazy right now to search and find out. He was supposed to play a residency at a place here in New York City in October and I was all jazzed up to go, until I got the following email from a friend:
But I just called the club, and they cancelled his residency 40 minutes into his first gig because "he was saying very rude things in the microphone and harrassing one of the waitresses from the stage."
Anyway, it seems Hamell has made the blogospheric BIGTIME, as his song about Ann Coulter has been linked to by Atrios. It's a decent song. More importantly, Hamell will be back in New York City in February and March, not just doing concerts, but performing a one-man theatrical show (including music) called "An Evening of Politics, Polemics and Pills" and done in connection with his new album produced by Ani DiFranco, "Songs for Parents Who Enjoy Drugs." Should be great. I'll be here at one of the March dates.

Oh, and going around his website, I found this interview, which, besides being generally good and interesting, had this great quote: "Anyone whose favorite band is Wilco should really listen to more music."
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