Sunday, January 29, 2006

It seems I owe Jack Goldsmith an Apology 

Not that he knows who I am, as I never had him in class. Nonetheless, I always grouped him with John Woo Yoo as one of those people responsible in no small way for our current lawless executive branch. It seems that's not the case.
Goldsmith was actually the opposite of what his detractors imagined. For nine months, from October 2003 to June 2004, he had been the central figure in a secret but intense rebellion of a small coterie of Bush administration lawyers. Their insurrection, described to NEWSWEEK by current and former administration officials who did not wish to be identified discussing confidential deliberations, is one of the most significant and intriguing untold stories of the war on terror.
This Newsweek article is worth a read--I myself have only skimmed it so far. And, it seems Goldsmith and Deputy AG James Comey both declined to comment for this article. So, a quick comment here is that, at least now that this article is out, let's hope both these individuals start commenting--if John Woo Yoo can write op-eds defending his view of delicious fascism and authoritarianism, Comey and Goldsmith should publicize their side. Hopefully I'll comment more after I read the whole article.

UPDATE: Corrected, as I don't believe the OLC ever advocated a theory of film involving increasing the number of bullets in each successive action sequence by a set ratio; nor has it ever taken a position pro or con on the use of slow-motion images of doves flying.
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