Monday, February 13, 2006


So, i just got an email from a long-suffering reader asking how I could move to New York and not blog about the biggest snow storm in the city's history. Well, I guess because he hit on a weekend, and then today I didn't go to work* (although even when I do, I walk), so I guess the storm just didn't affect me that much. Yesterday I left home only to get a sandwich around the corner. Today, I did more, and I have to say I was glad I didn't have to drive anywhere--most streets, especially intersections, were still pretty bad, but besides negotiating crosswalks, it wasn't so bad. And the subway today worked fine for me (1 to 42nd, then N to Union Sq and back again to get a pound of coffee at 71 Irving Place).

So, yeah, mainly the snow didn't really affect me that much--but to be sure, there is a LOT of it. For much better blogging on this subject, including pics, see Steve Gilliard today and yesterday.

*I'm off this week studying for the bar exam so I can get rid of the stupid "Admitted in Illinois" disclaimer on my business card
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