Tuesday, March 07, 2006

More Abortion 

Poor Men Shouldn't Have Sex

It's a frequent comment by both anti-choicers and busybodies who think it's their right to judge "good" and "bad" abortions largely based on the perceived morality of the women getting the abortion that women who can't afford children shouldn't have sex.

Of course a lot of these poor-women-getting-abortions are married women with children who don't have the economic resources to support another child, and not the caricature of the "irresponsible slut" that the busybodies are conjuring in their heads. If these people really believe that anyone who doesn't have the economic resources to support (another) child should simply stop having sex then that applies to the men as well.

Fortunately, with the twin joys of DNA testing and forced pregnancy more and more men may rationally decide to do just that. Congratulations, fellas!
Atrios' mention of males and men is not because that's what he cares about, but because he's trying to rhetorically turn the tables a bit. The point remains that this anti-abortion activism is clear mysogyny and also a clear indication that, at its heart, this movement just thinks that The Sex is bad and icky and you should be punished for having it.
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