Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Off-Season NFL Blogging 

No, not important commentary on the new collective bargaining agreement or the Browns' many attractive free agent signings. I just want to tell you all I agree with Peter King's reader and Peter King himself on this issue 100%.
THE NO FUN LEAGUE. From Scott of Moncton, New Brunswick: "Once again the NFL wants to rein in the celebrations that in many ways are harmless and, more often than not, outright funny. In a world full of pressure and stress, these few moments of creative humor each Sunday are what the NFL should be promoting rather than banning. Kudos to Chad Johnson, Steve Smith and T.J. Duckett (his "start the car " routine from last year was an all-time classic). The NFL needs to realize that they are an entertainment product and they shouldn't take themselves so seriously all the time."

I couldn't agree with you more. I only hope the members of the competition committee read this, because it would be a shame if they legislate some harmless fun out of football. Next.
I hereby proclaim all opposed to be fuddy-duddies.
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