Thursday, April 27, 2006

Once Again, the Triumphant Return of G&G 

Been a while, no? I think we'll start things back off with a little The Wire blogging. Repeats of Season 3 begin on Tuesday, May 9th, at 11pm EDT/10pm CDT on HBO-Zone (which probably comes up as "HBO-Z" on your channel guide. Set your Tivos accordingly. Right now, HBO-Z is replaying Season 2, which I have decided is the best season. I was always partial to Season 1, but this being my second viewing of Season 2 (I've watched Season 1 three times now), I am changing my tune. Then again, considering Seasons 1-3 are really just one 36-episode story (more or less), what's really the point in arguing which season is better. That said, I've only seen Season 3 once, and, much like Season 2, they throw so many new characters and storylines at you, it takes a while to get into it (this is why I think Season 2 is even better on second viewing--you already have the necessary frame of reference and can catch the subtleties that you miss the first time). So, maybe after I watch Season 3 again I'll think that is the best season.

Oh, and one last Wire point. Watching Season 2 now after having seen Season 3, there are a couple of scenes with Bunny Colvin, which, I assure you, are much more powerful when put in the context of what happens in Season 3. Anyway...for those of you who have seen Seasons 1 and 2 but not 3, enjoy!

Now, on to blog business--since I've moved to New York, this blog has clearly gone down hill. Now, I think Guth and I are equally to blame. He claims he has no time, but considering he told me that he read all seven (or however many there are) Harry Potter books in 1 week, I think he can find time to blog. That said, I've not been saying much, either. I think maybe this is partly because the sheer pathetic-ness of the Bush Administration and the Republican Party makes blogging about said pathetic-ness as kind of like shooting fish in a barrel. That said, I'm going to try to blog more regularly. Also, I'm thinking of trying to make this a bit more of a group blog, assuming I can rope anyone else into joining us. Reader/Commenter jk, I'm looking at you. I think that might be good both because it should lead to more posts and also because new perspectives are always good.

That's about it--hopefully this will be the start of a new, improved (as in, "active") blog.
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