Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Once again, The Blog 

After Mel Gibson's rant about Jews causing all the world's problems, it seemed to me that I was guilty of some of those, as, clearly, many of the world's most dire problems problems, such as Israel's war with Hizbollah/Lebanon, and America West's decision to show Annapolis on flights between Newark and Las Vegas, have occurred between May 30 (our last post) and today. And, since it is incontrovertible scientific fact that correlation=causation, this Jew apologizes to Mel and the world.

Relatedly, The Editors bring teh funny and answer all your Mel Gibson questions here.

So, hopefully we'll start blogging again. Maybe not until next week, as tomorrow is my birthday and Guthrie is getting married this weekend in Cincy. Who dey?
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