Thursday, July 14, 2005


For those of you who don't fully understand that modern Republicans (a) are morons, (b) have nothing in mind but the accumulation of power, (c) don't understand democracy, and, most importantly, (d) never took the words of Spinal Tap to heart (to wit: "There is a fine line between stupid...and clever."), I give you this:
VOTE ALERT: On defensive about Rove, GOP shoots self in the foot
According to sources on Capitol Hill, Republicans are proposing a counter-amendment to the Democrats upcoming legislation that cracks down on those who leak classified government information. The GOP's amendment, while designed to politicize the issue, hilariously ends up boomeranging and embarrassing their own Senators.

The text of the GOP amendment inserts the following language into the Democrats legislation:
"...or any federal officeholder who makes reference to a classified Federal Bureau of Investigation report on the floor of the United States Senate, or any federal officeholder that makes a statement based on a FBI agentĀ¹s comments which is used as propaganda by terrorist organizations thereby putting our servicemen and women at risk, shall not be permitted access to such information or to hold a security clearance for access to such information."
The amendment is clearly targeted at Senator Dick Durbin's (D) controversial comments about Guantanamo Bay, in which he cited FBI files. But what's funny is that, according to one top Democrat's office, the amendment also strips Orin Hatch of his security clearance because he has in the past referenced judicial nominees' FBI files.

In fact, every Senator who participated in an Armed Services Committee hearing on Gitmo yesterday might lose their clearance because the FBI agents comments were discussed. Those Republicans who participated in that hearing were Sens. John Warner (R-VA), John McCain (R-AZ), Pat Roberts (R-KS), Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Saxby Chambliss (R-GA), Elizabeth Dole (R-NC), and John Cornyn (R-TX). Will they vote to strip themselves of their own security clearance?

Of course not, which shows how pathetically juvenile and stupid the GOP's response is. Instead of joining with Democrats to protect America's national security, Republicans are pushing a transparent ploy to allow Karl Rove, a national security threat, to continue working in the White House, and to continue to have access to sensitive material that he could once again use to grind an axe against the GOP's political opponents. It's not going to work - Americans don't like national security risks in the White House, no matter how many GOP hacks in the Senate try to change the subject. Stay tuned.
Have you ever seen such a Clown Show?

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Fox News 

Less than a week after reacting to the London bombings by saying that we wished Paris was bombed instead, Fox News John Gibson now thinks that Karl Rove should get a medal for exposed Valerie Plame's identity. Video here. Seriously, I don't think I've ever seen anything like this clip. Unbelievable.

Monday, July 11, 2005

This is too funny 

I proudly announce my triumphant return to blogging by...quoting The General:

Matthew Brooks
Executive Director, Republican Jewish Coalition

Dear Mr. Brooks,

I want to thank you for defending Fred Malek against charges of anti-Semitism. Sure, he created a list of Jews who worked at the Bureau of Labor Statistics because his boss, President Nixon, was worried that a cabal of Jews were manipulating the Bureau's statistics. That doesn't necessarily make him an anti-Semite. Heck, the fact that a couple of the people on the list were immediately demoted proves that such a cabal existed, and therefore, Mr. Malek should be praised rather than vilified.

Conservatives are far too often charged with being anti-Semitic. America's enemies, both foreign and domestic, take little things like James Baker's "Fuck the Jews" remark and Mr. Malek's mini-pogrom and turn them into major controversies. They don't understand that we really love the Jews. That's why we're working so hard to lay the groundwork for turning Eretz Yisrael into a Christian nation. We love you too much to allow you to continue living in idolatry.

Of course, there are many who believe that even this is anti-Semitic. I suspect that a Jewish cabal is behind such propaganda. Perhaps you should ask Mr. Malek to look into it.

Heterosexually yours,

Gen. JC Christian, patriot

Friday, July 01, 2005

Supreme Court 

Matthew Yglesias writes this:
MORE THAN ABORTION. Having seen some talking points emailed around, I slightly despair of this happening, but I hope liberals will keep in mind the full range of issues facing the Supreme Court. There's more at stake here than your "hot-button" topics of abortion and gay rights, and more in play than the possibility that the Court will underenforce Americans' basic rights and liberties.

The Republican Party has done an excellent job of obscuring this fact, but a huge element of the conservative judicial agenda concerns economics. Near as I can tell there's absolutely no public outcry demanding that the courts prevent Congress or state legislatures from enacting popular regulatory measures pertaining to labor, the environment, product safety, etc. Nevertheless, various rightwingers to various extents want to do just that. Sandra Day O'Connor's always had some sympathy for that agenda, but hasn't pushed it nearly as far as she could have, or as far as many conservatives (and, perhaps more to the point, the wealthy businessmen who finance them) would have liked. These questions need to be put on the table. I don't think the American people are looking for any dramatic departures from the constitutional status quo or efforts to undo the past 100 years of jurisprudence.
This can't be emphasized enough. Many of Justice Thomas's dissents are sort of interesting right now as a bit of legal trivia, and certainly make for interesting law school discussion. But their logical conclusion compels the undoing of popular and important federal legislation, including economic regulation, labor regulations and environmental laws. I'm not sure Thomas's supporters would deny this.

If you think things like fighting global warming, having a minimum wage, the Americans With Disabilities Act, workplace safety standards, Social Security, welfare, Medicare and the like are important, then it is vitally important that we work, now, to fight any radical conservative that Bush appoints.

But to be honest, that battle is likely already lost. John Paul Stevens is 85 years old. We must, must, pick up Senate seats in 2006. We must win in 2008. We must tell people that the judges they think they like will undo government programs that are important to their lives.

Please don't fuck this one up, Democrats, the way you've fucked so much up in the last 25 years.

O'Connor's Legacy 

At an Election Night party at the Washington, D.C., home of Mary Ann Stoessel, widow of former Ambassador Walter Stoessel, the justice's husband, John O'Connor, mentioned to others her desire to step down, according to three witnesses. But Mr. O'Connor said his wife would be reluctant to retire if a Democrat were in the White House and would choose her replacement. Justice O'Connor declined to comment.

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