Monday, December 29, 2003


When I first read this article by Bill O'Reilly (who will be oft discussed on this blog), I thought "Ah, here is a conservative who is engaging in some sort of satire, taking the Ninth Circuit's sometimes liberal views to the extreme in such a way that will perhaps cause me to think critically about the viewpoints espoused by the Ninth Circuit."

However, I then remembered that Bill O'Reilly doesn't believe in satire, in fact, he often argues that the haters of America hide behind so-called satire in order to peddle their lies and defamation onto an unsuspecting American public. Therefore, I must assume that Bill O'Reilly wants us to take his article literally - however, I know of no Ninth Circuit precedent whereupon a known genocidal tyrant would nbe free from criminal liability. This, then, is clear defamation, and I hope Mr. O'Reilly posts a correction shortly.

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