Monday, December 29, 2003

From what I've read of Dean's remarks I think they are extraordinarily refreshing. The fact is, Jesus Christ (in the Bible) was a rebel, he detested hypocrisy and, most importantly, he sought to provide a voice to the outcasts and despised segments of society. Good for Dean for pointing out that the message of Jesus is not to vote Republican. (It's probably not to vote Democratic either, of course, but one party shouldn't have a monopoly on the Jesus vote.)

By the way, I think we need to be prepared for a serious undercurrent of anti-semitism in articles concerning Dean's faith. There are plenty of people who despise the fact that Dean would marry a Jewish woman and allow his children to be raised in the Jewish faith. Not that I would accuse any of the analysts below of anti-semitism; still try adding the following sentence to the end of any statement questioning the sincerity of Dean's religious views: "I mean, come on, his own wife and children don't even believe that Jesus was the Son of God!"

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