Tuesday, December 30, 2003


When I, in the face of all conventional wisdom, boldly predicted that no Supreme Court Justices would retire during Bush's first term. At the time I argued that none of the conservatives would retire - because none of them would want history to view them as having installed Bush in the White House so that they could retire knowing a conservative would replace them.

My prediction will certainly come true, absent a serious illness or something of that ilk. Though it was only a mini-story at the time, the allegation that O'Connor said something at a Washington party to the effect that she hoped Bush would win so she could retire would not have been viewed kindly by her biographers 20 or 30 years from now.

However, all Democrats (and all women who would prefer that men not tell them what to do with their own uterus) need to realize just what is at stake in 2004. Rehnquist will certainly retire. O'Connor will certainly retire - and her replacement could swing a lot of crucial votes the other way. Stevens - well, I saw Stevens speak two years ago and he seemed healthy; let us pray he remains so.
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