Tuesday, December 30, 2003


Joe Lieberman has apparently said that Dean should not be so sensitive to attacks from other Democrats, because the attacks from Bush will be far worse. Could this possibly be accurate? Is it true that George W. Bush, a member of the party that opposes the Democrats, may launch attacks on Dean that are more pointed than attacks launched by members of his own party?

I think it might be possible that Joe is missing the point: Dean is not suggesting that Democrats stop attacking him because he is personally hurt by these attacks. It just may be that it is not in the best interest of Democrats to be tearing down each other, and it is really not in their best interest to paint the likely nominee as both a cold-hearted conservative and a namsy-pamsy liberal.

Here is all I need to know about Joe Lieberman. In 2000, he decide to run for his Senate seat while running for Vice President while the governor of Connecticut was a Republican. Had Gore won (assuming we lived in some fantasy candy land where the candidate who received the most votes won an election), the Democrats would have lost their majority in the Senate. (However, thank God, Joe Lieberman would have been Vice President.) Instead of stepping aside and allowing another Democrat to win, Joe Lieberman decided to hedge his bets - assuring that he would be either a Senator or a Vice President. In other words, Lieberman, with all his talk of morals and virtue, put the good of himself above the good of his party and, ultimately, the good of his country.

A friend of mine also once pointed out that he sounds exactly like the dad from Alf. (The "Willie" from "Hey, Willie.") This is another reason I just don't like him.

UPDATE: Neither the word "namsy" nor "pamsy" appears in the Blogger spell check software.
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